Meet Our Cook

Meet Our Cook Bessie Windle

Meet Bessie Windle, our fantastic cook!

Bessie has been with us Beta Eta Tekes for 27 years now, and she - and her husband, Larry Windle - have been an essential part of our house for all those years. She first met us Tekes working at the local Denny’s where we made the best slingers our Fraters have ever tasted, prompting us to request her to be our house’s cook when our previous one departed. Though the hardest part of her job is seeing her patrons leave the house, some of her best memories are seeing TKE alumni come down and visit her again during St. Pat’s and Homecoming. In the words of Frater Michael Taylor, Bessie “is like a second mother to me” and everyone else at the house.

Bessie is also a bartender and manager at the Tater Patch right here in Rolla. Larry, her husband, has the scroll number BH1020 and loves helping to cook food, especially when it comes to cooking catfish.

Thank you Bessie and Larry!

The Beta-Eta Chapter of Tau Kappa Epsilon at Missouri University of Science and Technology was installed as a chapter on March 8, 1947.

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